Problem Solved.

Agile UX: the ability to enable the best something can be

When a client drops an urgent brief on you, it is usually expected that deadlines will be tight. In one instance a project I worked on had to fit the same amount of work a previous project needed – around 4 months of UX, creative, client sign off and development – into just 8 weeks! People panicked, it was the end of the world, dogs and cats began living together.

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The art of environmental control

Everyday we face simple tasks that are made more difficult than they should be.¬†Tasks that waste a little bit of time, create frustrations or end up effecting our relationships because of the difficulty in completing them.¬†Most of these tasks have been ill thought through; maybe there is no reason to improve the process and experience; maybe the ways it”s done is regarded as ”the only way” it can be done, so people don”t bother to question it.

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